Main Laws

How well has the Directive been implemented?


Government Information

  • Information for EU and Nordic Citizens (this is a bit lacking on details, especially about handling of family members)
  • Some excellent information about movement of Danish citizens and their non-EU family to Denmark after they have been working in other EU member states
  • Denmark runs the “The EU hotline” for help on EU free movement issues: Email: or Tel: +45 35 30 88 80      It is worth being prudently cautious of the quality of the information provided.

Forums useful for additional information


SOLVIT Denmark obtains adaptation of Danish rules on visa for non-EU family members of EU citizens:

“The Danish authorities refused to issue a visa to the Chinese wife of a British resident who wanted to accompany her husband on a visit to Denmark, because they could not provide a reference in Denmark who would confirm the reasons for the visit. SOLVIT Denmark contacted the Danish authorities who finally regretted not to have taken into consideration the existing EU rules and subsequently granted a visa to the Chinese citizen. Furthermore, the memorandum of practice by which the authorities have specified the rules and conditions for granting visas was adjusted according to the EU regulation in order to avoid similar problems in the future.”

Family reunification under EU law


  • stan  On September 1, 2008 at 12:48

    denmark’s implementation of the directive in danish

  • Oktosia  On June 4, 2009 at 01:43

    i need help..

    i just confused and really tottaly stress..
    i am Indonesian woman, my husband is Denmark citizen but live in Norway for 35 years.. we are married for 8 months, my application for familyreunification is still being prosseced, and my visa 7 days entry to Norway is rejected by norwegian embassy..

    my husband want to take me to together with him there, but we seeking information about if going without visa, is possible? we will going to Denmark to visiting his family and it’s need visa? but in Norway, i can’t applying a visa tourist to Norway, because i already apply application of familyreunification..

    can informed us how can get to join with him for short time ( 3 months or more).. ? thanks

  • irelandsreversediscrimination  On April 17, 2010 at 02:52

    Click to access denmark_compliance_study_en.pdf

    Conformity Study for 2004/38/EC

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