“Every European citizen and their family members have rights of free movement within Europe.”

It is a simple statement, and wrong in a number of ways. This blog is about these rights, the challenges, the limits, and how different countries in Europe interpret those rights differently.

Your feedback and contribution are welcomed!   Best to leave comments on appropriate pages, but if you really really need to, you can email me at:

Very important to keep in mind the following points:

  1. This blog is intended to provide access to general information about freedom of movement within the EU, and is specifically aimed at citizens of the EU and their non-EU family members
  2. The information may not cover all circumstances (such as yours!)
  3. The laws may change over time (we hope to keep up, but it is hard)
  4. There may be case law which we do not know about or have not mentioned
  5. We are not lawyers or immigration advisers
  6. We can not and will not advise you
  7. We may be wrong
  8. The people/organizations/governments we have linked may have misleading information or be wrong
  9. Please be sure to always check information with other sources before deciding that it may be useful to you, or (god forbid!) acting on it


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