EU free movement in the news

NY Times: Universities in Scotland to Charge Other Britons

The Scottish offer free university education to the Scottish and to citizens of other EU member states (and their family members!).

There is clearly an opportunity to use EU law to open Scottish universities again to applicants from the rest of the UK.

This raises some questions and options:

  • How do they determine who is “Scottish”?  Based on where they are living or where they were born?   Answer: ( and another) “Scottish […] tuition fee arrangements are based on ordinary domicile and not nationality”
  • Can the ECJ’s Singh ruling be used to force free university education for non-Scottish British citizens who have worked in another member state?   After a gap year with some work elsewhere in Europe, British students could then argue that they should be treated the same as citizens from other EU member states and receive free education in Scotland.   While the Singh ruling is mostly known for allowing spouses to move home on the basis of EU law, it has wider scope.
  • There is an interesting possibility that being from the UK (but not Scotland) may count as being from “another EU member state” for the purposes of studying in Scotland. A similar EU law argument has been proposed for English barristers being considered “qualified” to present before immigration tribunals in Scotland.

Wall Street Journal: Spaniards Seek Jobs in Germany

Citizens of Spain, where unemployment is very high, are willing to move to Germany for work.   No surprise and good for them!  They will likely get a lot more out of their move than just work.

Danke free movement!

Die Zeit: Das gelobte Land

An article about some of the variety of people who have established themselves in Germany and how they find it living there.  Many are from other EU member states.  Interesting stories!  (Article is only in German)

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